October 08, 2008

Durian Donut

I’m not sure who is more crazy - Big Apple Donut Company for making a durian donut or my husband for buying said durian donut (by the way, Big Apple Donut Co. is from Jakarta, Indonesia, not NYC as they would have you believe).
The donut is shaped like the spikes on the outside of a durian. Clever.

When you order one the attendant says, “You must eat in 3 hours.”

The first time I heard this (when I asked what type of donut it was and then didn't order it when I found out) I had no clue what the lady was talking about. 3 hours? I’m sure it would take me that long to try and put one down my throat. But what? 3 hours? She answered, “The filling is made fresh and it goes bad if you don’t eat it within 3 hours.”

So the other night, my husband got a crazy hair and ordered one. After clarifying that he WOULD NOT get one of my 3 delicious chocolate donuts if the durian one was awful we proceeded. They called to the back (I’m sure where all the nasty donuts are kept) and filled one up with the pungent filling. I wonder if Krispy Kreme ever made a durian donut if they’d have a big yellow neon light, “Stinky and Fresh NOW.”

Here he is eating it. Which he did within about 20 minutes…ensuring “freshness.”Flattering. He said it was strong. He ate the whole thing, but the rest of the night if he burped he’d say, “Oh man, that tastes like that durian donut.” To which I would give a half-hearted, “Well that’s what you get.” type of merciless response.


Mama D. said...

ANTHONY, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!! But I thought you guys were training to be on "The Amazing Race", not some "if you can eat this gross thing you can win a million dollars" show. LOL

marylou said...

dontchaknow, spikes are a clear warning that this is not for human consumption lol!!!! yummy!

Roberts said...


roger and courtney said...

the after durian burps are almost worse than the original taste. yuck!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! That's something I think I'd like to try... it's kinda like when someone says to you: "This stinks, smell it" - you just have to do it :) haha!