October 19, 2008

4... Maybe a 5ish...

A friend of ours has a saying: “Bad things always seem to come in threes.” Apparently Southeast Asia didn’t get the memo, because we’ve recently had 4 things (plus a 5ish) go wrong on us in the past several weeks.

Number One

We are NOT good with cameras. We’re on our fourth camera in four years. Camera #1 was left at church and never found again, camera #2 was viciously but unintentionally attacked by a flying coconut (true story) and camera #3 was trampled on while flying kites. Keeping with the tradition, camera #4 up and decided that we could no longer use the flash to take pictures. We’re not sure why, but the flash refuses to flash.

“But what about the warranty?”

Good question.

The camera is still under warranty… under an American warranty… meaning we would have to pay to have it shipped back to the US… and pay to have it shipped back to us. Not to mention the fact that we would go weeks without a camera, which might as well be decades for parents with a growing baby that does something new everyday. We can still take pictures without the flash, so we’re making do…although there is a mommy who thinks “Month 7” in the baby book just won’t look as good as the others.

Number Two

Our TV. We turned it on one night to watch a movie, only to find this:

Continuing with the half-broken/half-working theme, the TV still has sound and one little thin line of pixels going across the middle, but that’s it. Honestly, this isn’t a big deal for us TV-wise. We don’t have satellite; we’re not missing much. We download all the TV shows we want to watch from the internet because they’re all a season behind here.

What’s the deal with Sylar being a good guy all of the sudden? Also, Sharon squealed when Jim proposed to Pam… but I digress.

It IS a big deal for us movie-wise. We watch a ton of them on our DVD player. Now we’re forced to watch them on our smaller laptop screen (I know, boo hoo), but because of the, ahem, “not quite original nature” of the DVDs, they don’t always work on the laptop like they do in the DVD player.

Number Three

We got a package from Sharon’s mom last week. Along with twizzlers, kool-aid, and hair ties for Sharon who now has short hair, she sent us some bed risers. We recently moved into a much smaller house and needed to store some things under our bed. We get pretty excited about packages and we immediately put the bed risers underneath the bed. But there’s something we didn’t think about. Besides the four legs on the corners, our bed also has two additional legs in the middle to support the queen mattress. We remembered once I sat on the bed… and the middle beam snapped in half. Aduh! (the local equivalent to doh!). Now our mattress is conveniently located on the floor where we can’t put anything underneath. Nice.

Number Four

Facing a weekend of sleeping on the floor and trying IKEA for a spare bed-beam, we decided to go to a friend’s house who is out of town for a while. They live in the city (we’re about 30-45 minutes outside the city) about 10 minutes from IKEA and left us the keys so we could spend the night whenever we wished. They have satellite, air conditioning and several pools in their apartment complex so we were looking forward to a nice, relaxing, sun-soaked, pool-drenched weekend.

And then.

Our Mac.

Yes, our Mac.

It all happened so quickly. One minute talking on Skype to Sharon’s sister. The next minute desperately trying to wipe off the Raspberry Red Crystal Light seeping underneath all the keys and screen.

We thought she died.

The battery wouldn’t charge. We couldn’t open files. It looked like the Blob was taking over the screen.

The Mac guy thought the motherboard and graphics chip were damaged.

After two worrisome nights in the ICU, and a newly-cleaned interior, she pulled through with nothing more than several bright star-like dots on the edges of the screen and a non-functioning key to the right of the 0 key (the “-“ key… we’ve thankfully discovered a different way to make a -).

Number 5ish

I say “5ish” because it was just the cherry on top of the whole deal…not another broken appliance.

So after we left the MacBook at the store to get treated, we decided to put on a brave face and make the most of the rest of the weekend. We got out to the pool and spent about 15 minutes in it before a huge thunderstorm rolled through. Typical.

But not before Isaac’s Mama managed to take a few pictures (SOMETHING has to go in the babybook for this month right?)So…

That’s it.

Good story, huh?

We figure things can only get better from here.

We’ll letcha know.


roger and courtney said...

Wow, Asia can just do that to you sometimes! Just since Asher has been born our refrigerator and washer have broken (you can imagine trying to keep up with newborn laundry with no washer). In the two years we have lived in this house almost all of the pipes have been replaced, the water heater has broken and then later fell off the wall again, our camera broke, most of our luggage was destroyed in a flood and our water pump has broken too many times to count.
All that to say, the Hamptons feel your pain.

jdk0103 said...

That's right things will get better! At the Mimpian Jadi :)

Sorry about all those tragedies :(

effe03 said...

I wondered how your mac turned out- because when you spilled your drink talking to me, I could tell that it went ALL over the bottom of the computer!! I immediately said, "uh-oh, Zach, I think Sharon just killed their computer...I've been wondering...so glad you got her up and runnin again!:)

CUTEST water baby picture EVER!!!

Any time you feel depressed about your appliances- talk to my friend Jennifer Sjoblom- it'll make you feel like you're walkin in the park!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

wow! That's no fun!! So sorry!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness. Sorry about your luck... or lack thereof. And while I realize the "bed situation" is SO MUCH less than ideal, it definitely makes for a funny picture. ;)

Just curious... have you posted pics of the inside of your new house and I missed them somewhere along the way?

Brandon and April said...

wow!! so sorry about all the junk you guys are having to deal with right now!! boooooooooooooo!
but hey, that picture of the bed looks pretty good...flashless and all.
just wondering...does your camera have an ISO setting? if so, you might could suffice without a flash by bumping up the ISO to 800 or 1600. :) might be worth a shot!
or just open up all the windows to let some sunlight in when you feel those first few Isaac steps about to happen!