September 01, 2008

Our Florasian

Oh how we miss America sometimes!
Fall and football season just aren’t the same here in Southeast Asia!

Even though Isaac has never been to America, and probably won’t watch any American football games until next fall, we as his parents can do some of those “little things” that make US feel more like we’re back in the US. Like, dress up our kid in football paraphernalia and take pictures. It looks like he's trying to get into a 3-point stance in this pic.He looks soooo American in these pics don’t ya think?And no, the tears are not because he doesn’t like the University of Florida.
The tears are because, well, when I went to change him into the t-shirt he was already a bit cranky from the Miami part of the photo shoot. Then the t-shirt got stuck on his head. I’m soooo not kidding when I say stuck.He was crying.
I was giggling.
While trying to get his head through, I was thinking back to last week when we took him to the doctor. The pediatrician had to re-measure his head because he thought his assistant had gotten it wrong. Nope. It’s just that big, Doc.
“Big head, big brains.” Is what we say.

Anyway, after I got his 6 month old head through the 12 month-sized shirt, I managed to get at least one semi-happy pic!
But then, even a couple hours after the pictures, our American-looking baby continued to cry. He was just cranky all day.
So our neighbor came to the rescue with her “buaian” (bwoy-I-ahn)
Yolanda watches Isaac while we go to language class and last week she told us he slept so peacefully in it.Yesterday, she offered to let us borrow it (except when we’re in class and then she’ll use it on him) because we told her he had been crying all day. We had hesistated in buying a buaian back when he was born because he hated nearly every single man-made thing known to babies; pacifiers, bouncy chairs, baby bjorn, carseats, bumbo chair, and even his stroller at times. So we didn’t want to buy something else and waste our money.
Oh goodness have we been missing out! We stopped right before we struck gold!
Isaac goes from crying to, well, sleeping like he’s supposed to, like a baby, within 3 or 4 bounces of this thing. Maybe he resisted all the other stuff because they were so western!? Maybe he’s more Asian than he looks! Whatever the case we’re buying one of these for us…er…for Isaac, real soon!And just for good measure, here's one last pic of Isaac showing his Florida side. Anthony gave him an orange and he LOVED it!


roger and courtney said...

Fall is definitely the time of year we miss most. We have a bunch of Kentucky stuff for Asher to wear while we cheer on the Wildcats during football and basketball season. Isaac looks cute, but he would look a lot better if he wasn't wearing that Florida junk...

e&k said...

those are so sweet! so can you get those bouncy sleepers all over the world or only where you live?

Cara said...

Aunt Gigi is SOO proud! I am lovin him in that Orange and Blue!! I know Heather and Zach aren't too happy about that one, but I had to buy it for him!

Grandmama and Grandaddy said...

Oh yeah! The boy has got to wear the colors! And might I say he's looking real good in the aqua and orange!!! To keep a little family peace we're going to have to get him in a FSU shirt too! Is that one cute curl possibly what I see still hanging around the back of his head? Also, did you rip his head off getting the Gator shirt off, or did you go ahead and cut it off? Love it all!

Roberts said...

What a cool multicultural kid you got there! :) I think I'd like a buaian for looks comfy! Isaac looks so cute in it.

Craig and Angie said...

Having 3 kids of my own, I have to say keep spending money until you find something that works! A little peace and quite is wonderful no matter how much money you have to spend! And number 2 just may love what number 1 hated! Keep on trying.

effe03 said...

I have the cutest nephew in the world!! But I must say the Gator shirt would only be cute because it's on him! HA! I also noticed the little curl stickin up out of the back of his head in the first pic... at least that's what I would like it to be:) I'll try to get my blog updated so the next time you are able to get on you can see new pics. Love ya, and that adorable baby!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

We LOVE our buaian... although I had no idea that's what it was called until now :) haha! We just call it her baby hammock :) She sleeps great in it :)

So he likes the orange? Did he have a reaction to it? I've been wanting to give oranges to aashini but I read that most kids have reactions to them if you give it before one that's why i'm wondering :) Fun :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Oh, and I think it's perfect that he's crying in his gator shirt :) haha!! Go Seminoles!