August 15, 2006

Suda Makan?

We are spending time in a village outside the big city here. We're staying with some new friends, and since they're older we call them "kakak" (older sister) and "abang" (older brother). We have visited their friends and family in the village, and even went to a wedding. The question EVERYWHERE you go is, "Suda Makan?" or "Have you eaten?" kinda like "Dya eat yet?" in the South. Except here, it's a constant snacking...I really don't think they understand why Anthony and I are always so full so quickly when a meal finally comes around.

Anthony with Kakak's friends. Saturday Night "makan malam" "dinner" we went to Kakak's friend's house. We had TONS of seafood; 2 kinds of prawn, crab, mussels, stingray, squid, and shrimp. And you just continually we ate for about 4 hours or so...when the meat comes off the grill, you eat it, then wait for the next batch to come off the grill.

Me and a big hunk of BBQ-ed Stingray. Perhaps the best meat the whole night.

Me at a village wedding on Sunday...eating. I usually will not have to wear a head-covering, but to a formal event like a wedding, it is polite and customary to get 'dressed-up' and wear one. Kakak said I looked " a Pakistan woman."

Us with the Bride and Groom. They get to be King and Queen for a day.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Sounds like this mama may have to bring some bigger clothes for you guys when she comes. Do you know if the bride has her own gown or do they share? Seems like their attire is very much like what we saw in some other pictures.

brooke said...

how fun! i loved those pictures!!! sharon, you are so beautiful in those wedding pics! i love the outfit. :)

Anonymous said...

hey ya'll!
i've been forgetting to keep up with ya'll. but i'm so excited to read all of your blog entries this afternoon! i love them.
sharon you DO look BEAUTIFUL in that outfit!
i haven't left the states yet, hopefully this weekend.
love ya'll, lane

Chanclers said...

mmm bbq squid. I've seen some interesting food here, but no squid. Glad you are already making friends and getting involved with activities there!

Annie said...

Love keeping up with you guys! The pics are amazing! Can't wait to see lots more! Much Love- Annie, Rahul and the 3 little ones!

Sharon said...

ANNIE AGARWAL! 3 little ones?!?!?! I'm so not up on the latest news:) When are you due? Yay! I'm so excited for you. (note: if I misinterpreted that comment then I apologize for assuming you're preggo again:)

Anonymous said... amazing! I think of you both daily...let me know if you want me to send the Disney pics I have. Love ya...BFF

laney said...

hey ya'll!
i'm updating my blog now!! i arrived safe and sound at 430 a.m. CST friday morning. check out my blog when u get a chance!! thanks for keeping up! love ya'll,