July 02, 2006

Grandmother get your gun...

Things have been going great in Virginia, but we figure that pictures of us sitting all day and listening to lectures aren't quite interesting (hence the pictures below that have nothing to do with our time here). This week we went over our MBTI Personality tests. They told me I was Extroverted- like 30 out of 30 extroverted. Anthony took the test in college and was slightly Introverted- his scores this week showed that he is now slightly Extroverted. It seems he's finding his place in the Durrance family.

Today is my sister Heather's Birthday! Happy Birthday Heathas!

But in keeping with our string of highly entertaining posts, we figured we'd share some pics that we hold dear...

This is Grandmother** shooting in her backyard in Florida. Just a couple observations that make this particularly special to us- 1) My cousin Bobby's expression. 2) Grandmother is wearing her pearls. 3) Its my grandmother. Apparently she hit whatever target she was aiming at...atta girl! Props to Bobby for sending this snapshot our way.

This next one is a neat. My Uncle Jeff took this at the Braves vs. Devil Rays game in Tampa last week.

...can you see the family resemblance? (MattE Diaz is #23 holding the bat down on the field. Zach, in the red hat, is his brother. Jeremiah is his nephew).

And like any good Floridians, a couple weeks ago we found the closest thing to a "theme park" and tried it out...There were 2 slides at the place. Here's Anthony on unnamed slide #1, the one we called the "tall tube slide"...


And here's me on the other slide which we called "the slide that goes around"

...if you hold your hands up its funner.

**Grandmother insists on being called "Grandmother." Would you expect anything less proper from a woman who wears pearls whilst shooting?

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