May 30, 2006

We're in Virginia...

We're here safely and have unpacked (or have we?). The next few weeks we get trained and oriented to what its like to live life in another country, etc, etc, etc. We have already met a ton of wonderful folks (there's a family living in an adjacent apartment that has a son and daughter around Jeremiah and Kaelyn's age...then a bunch of other folks that have 2 year olds- Jen, they act just like Kyle!:)

Sharon is on the "medical" team and will be administering shots, doing minor surgeries, and setting bones from ultimate frisbee accidents- she's a little ancy, but we think she'll do fine. There aren't any specific music teams to be on, so Anthony's going for the facilities team in hopes that he'll finally master the harmonica after he's done fixing the plumbing and cutting the grass. (we're kidding on all of this in case the intended 'humor' didn't read right...Sharon is on the medical team and will be a receptionist, Anthony has yet to be assigned a team but will be doing so later. He does not own a harmonica). The teams are what we "do" during the day apart from the lectures and hands-on experiences- i.e.-"Driving a Manual Transmission Vehicle" class.

We love all of you and apologize if the blog doesn't get updated that often while we're here. We'll be here until July 20th. Please feel free to email us!


Brooke said...

we made it! :) glad yall are here. sharon... i'm on the medical team too! i'm sure i'll see ya somewhere around here soon.

Laurie and Micah said...

Sharon and Hony - So good to hear that yall are settling in up there in VA. Hope all is well!! And, Hony - It is cool to own a harmonica, Taylor Hicks did and he is American Idol!! Holla!! Miss yall a ton here!!!

Laurie and Micah