May 24, 2006

Pictures... but still no home

We've been busy here in Florida, which is spanish for "flowery"... although if you're a 16th century Spanish Conquistador you already know all this. Florida's just like we left it 1 1/2 years ago - hot, wonderful and swarming with love-bugs (really, its plague-like right now... pharoah's are releasing people left and right). Some pictures...

We spent most of the day Tuesday visiting friends in New Port ("is that in New Port?") Richey. That night we watched the final round of American Idol. My text-message cell phone bill says that Taylor's gonna win.

On Monday Sharon and I shelled peas. Earlier that day I helped Sharon's dad take some cattle to the market - both firsts for this city boy. I now have a greater appreciation for steak and peas. It was sorta like a circle of life day but without any singing lions.

We told you when we started this blog there'd be many niece and nephew pictures. Here's proof that we're not liars.

Kaeyln, Jeremiah, Mommy Heather and soon-to-be baby sister making cookies. Jeremiah was very helpful. Kaelyn helped by eating the excess dough and baby sister just sat there in Heather's tummy.

For Mother's Day Sharon and I painted my mom's bedroom and got her a new bedding set. The wall's are very light purple (the picture doesn't really do the room justice) and mom loved it.

In Jacksonville we spent the day at Hannah Park with my side of the family. From left to right, starting in the swing: me, Mom, Sharon, sister Jennifer, niece Katelyn, brother-in-law Greg, nephew Kyle and brother Jason.


Laura said...

Hey Guys! I leave soon to do summer work in New Orleans!!! Hope ya'll are doing well.
You should be getting my email updates!

Brooke said...

i'll see yall in 3 days (and counting!) can't wait to meet you! :)