April 15, 2006

Kate Durrance

Folks, Katherine Louise Durrance has arrived! She was born Tuesday April 11th to Sharon's cousin Bobby and his wife Martha. She weighed 6lbs 12ozs and was 19.5 inches long. We just have one more addition to the '06' baby girls to go (Sharon's sister is due at the end of June). Hopefully she won't choose a "K" name...We have Kyle, Kara, Kaelyn, Katelyn (called Katie),and Katherine (called Kate)!! Laina, Seth, and Jeremiah are the odd men out amongst our neices, nephews, and cousins. Here's Kate with her Mommy and Daddy.
For more pictures of Kate go to http://anthonyandsharonphotos.shutterfly.com


Sharon's Mama said...

What a special family! She is one week old today. I wonder if her mother has her reading yet or her father has taught her to be computer literate?

I do know that they are thanking Jesus every day for such a sweet blessing!

brooke said...


i am going with the imb to thailand! :) i will also be at fpo at the end of may. i just attended the screening conference a few weeks ago, so everything is moving pretty quickly. as you probably read, i'll be teaching at an international school in chiang mai. i'm a senior (graduating in less than a month) from texas a&m. so, i'll be sad to leave college, friends, and family.... but i know it'll be an amazing 2 years. i'm excited to meet you and your husband and glad we'll be at the same training. it'll be here before we know it! thanks for writing. -brooke

Bobby Durrance said...

Cutest thing I've ever seen... Does it count when I say that? :)

Sharon said...

of course it counts...especially to Kate...nothing better than when your daddy thinks you're the cutest! I'm sure that's sign #1 that you'll forever be a "daddy's girl." I can't wait to hold her in a couple weeks:)