April 12, 2006


Here to end everyone's anticipation about how our Spring break was in Florida. We had planned on posting while we were down there but forgot our camera cable to download the pictures... and we know our posts aren't interesting unless there are pictures.

We spent the first part with Sharon's family in Central Florida... quick run down:
* Went to the beach 1 day- Anna Maria Island
* Went out on the lake 2 days (Lake Ship, Winter Haven) One of those afternoons a wire burnt out on the engine and we were stuck in the middle of the lake for a good hour... Kaelyn was a champ as it was just her, Uncle Anthony, Aunt Sharon, and Mr. Justin... she had goldfish crackers so probably never noticed what was up.
* Spent free time with family and laughed a lot.
* On Thursday we drove to Jacksonville but stopped in Orlando to see Rob and Corey. Ended up chatting with Rob for a couple hours and stayed for the UCF BCM meeting to see some old friends.

This is 3 month old Kara Lynn Durrance. She happily slept in Sharon's arms during church. This was taken at Grandmother's... not during church (although the happiness level was the same in both places).

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