October 08, 2012

What really mattered about September?

Some "Sunshine" sent to my friend. 7.5 feet square (she has 5 kids to fit on it for a picnic or a snuggle when it's chilly...it had to be big). I finished it in July, but wanted to send it before I posted about it.
 Other than my baby boy turning 3, what happened in the month of September? In me, I mean. What mattered about it?

I mean, lots of things happened. I participated in each and every day, and yet, nothing stands out. We had a child go from 2 to 3 years old, went to Singapore, Legoland opened in our city, and I finally finally sent the quilt I made for my friend, to my friend.

So see? I DID stuff. But what made it all worth it?

Is that an enchilada on my plate? It IS! I haven't come down yet on if the Mexican Restaurant opening or Legoland opening is more significant. They even have Mexican glass glasses! (I sold/gave away my Mexican glass before moving to Asia...I'll just go borrow theirs for a meal every now and then)


That's what. 

I am such a hardcore truth person that I sometimes forget about the whole "love" part that must necessarily accompany truth.  Without it, the truth hurts.  It's a meal prepared, but not received because it was done while complaining. Or a boo-boo cleaned up and bandaged but no comfort given because of the "I told you so" that came with the anti-biotic ointment.

Been there? (I won't tell.)

So when I sewed the curtains, I prayed. When we made the cards to be shipped with the quilt I made SURE to emphasize the joy of giving and not the perfection of the picture (sometimes you can tell kids get it from you...especially when his stars just didn't turn out the way he wanted). Loving my children when they are tired and I am tired from all the public transportation and walking that seems part and parcel of the whole Singapore gig. Speaking kindly, letting kindness lead to repentance.

Don't get me wrong. I am not good at this naturally and I fail more than I care to admit, but the thing is... me loving has nothing to do with me. I believe all of the Bible is true. It says quite a few things about love, but one of the biggies- possibly THE biggie- is that "We love because he first loved us."

What a relief!  I don't have to come up with all the ways to love on my own!

"Who do you want to make a card for Zayah?" "Gloria." I may have cried. (see the heart?)

I can love my children because my heavenly father loves me. I can love my husband because I am the bride of Christ and have seen his deep and sold-out commitment to make my salvation a forever thing. Christ has called me friend, incredibly, he proved it by taking the punishment of my sin on himself. That's love. How then, am I to love my friends? Or better yet, how then am I ABLE to love my friends? Because I've been loved as a friend.

Even just a few minutes contemplating that kind of Love is enough to fill me up and get me through my day (add the lunchtime review of it, a mid-afternoon and evening recap too). And lets face it, as a Mom, a few minutes of contemplation is all I get sometimes. But oh, how powerful!
You can't have those curls. Sorry.
I've always been a fan of October. And even though the tropics doesn't bring football games (the kind with helmets) chilly nights, leaves changing and fall festivals to look forward to, I'm hoping to love well this month. Ya know? So even if the events just kinda slip by quickly, that my part in it will be more than a clanging cymbal of a wife and mother and friend.  To love well because I am SO loved.

I finished her pillow sham! Though I'm still holding out she'll be the first baby to not ever get big enough for a big-girl bed.


Brandon and April said...

You are one fabulous momma and so great at loving people!! One day, one day...I will see that quilt in person...hopefully on a beach...with both of you. :)

And yes...oh those curls!

CAL said...

You dear friend have shown such faithful, generous love to our entire family. I can't imagine these past few years without your encouragment and getting to share so many journeys together...though we were sepearted by distance.

Each day I look at the quilt and can't believe the time and skills...but more the love and prayers that went into making it.

LOVE has been my theme this year...we love because He loves. Amen.
Thank you for showing us love.
Love you 5!!
ps ape-us too. the beach our 3 families better happen soon!!

Charity Palmer said...

Love all that you wrote in this post. Also I'm in LOVE with that quilt...you are amazing! And if I could steal those little baby curls, I would...they're just adorable.

MichelleWebb said...

Sharon, I am amazed by your skills - and your heart! I got to see the quilt in person and it was so beautiful! I want to learn from you! ;) If I ever have time to quilt some more I need to get some tips, especially how to do it overseas. I made my first one (an easy rag quilt) while we were back in Texas over the summer, but it was pretty simple. Emmanuelle is beautiful!