June 26, 2012

For Real For Real Mother's Day Gift...

In the interest of keeping a linear account of all the fun shenanigans that have transpired since I last wrote, I'll keep you waiting no longer. But we are heading back to May now because who doesn't love chronological order?

My Mother's Day present this year was made in AFRICA, sent to AMERICA, then brought to ASIA by my bff... It's weird to think my shoes have been somewhere my feet haven't.
photo via ssekodesigns.com
Sseko Sandals (Say-ko).

Why get sandals from Africa when I can just buy really super cheap sandals right here in Asia?
Because I'm the Mama and I said so. That's why! Kidding. But I did drop a hint and the hubs picked up what I was puttin' down. "Love. This is what I want for Mother's Day." He's so in tune with me.

I was going to post a pic of me in the sandals, but since I haven't taken any, that presented a problem. After a month and a half of not blogging, I wasn't going to let a lack of a photo stop me. No siree bob.

Now, while I go make a couple more blogposts about the summer fun so far (before the next round starts), you go to the Sseko website and check out why this was one of the best Mother's Day gifts ever.

Go there and check it out.

(Anthony got me the teal straps as pictured, but then I also have black, brown, and a patterned one. Holla for mother's day sales!)

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

Hooray for Sseko sandals! What a fun gift. :)

I was super subtle about asking for them too and received a pair for Christmas this past year from Shannon... and then more straps as a b-day gift from my parents. I have black, brown, gold, navy, and grey. So far the black have gotten the most mileage. I love the look of my Ssekos and the versatility / creativity of finding new ways to tie them. I don't love that they're not as comfortable as I'd imagined they would be and just keep telling myself that if I keep wearing them I'll eventually "break them in." Am sure you'll get much more mileage out of yours in Asia than I will though in the middle of Europe where it's only sandal weather for a few months out of the year. ;)