January 12, 2012

Immanuelle's Nursery- AFTER!



The Nursery is "done" AND Immanuelle will now be sleeping in it!  We moved her today after her morning nap to her very own room. She took her afternoon nap in it and everything.

I didn't even cry.

I may tonight when I have to walk more than 10 feet in order to feed her but that's another story. At least the room will be complete.  Dark, but complete!

View from the doorway. A HUGE shout-out to our dear Kak Aygee (Kaylee as she's known to others) for helping me with nearly all of this. Polka dots on the walls, piping on the crib bumper, cutter of nearly every layer of the curtains, and the one who helped me brave the fabric store with all its 18,495 employees that would stare at us and gawk and talk about us in their language until they found out I could speak it, then REALLY wouldn't leave us alone to shop because they wanted to hear the white girl speak like them. Every time. But this is Asia. What's new?
Her window faces the atrium (the "rocks") and gets no direct sunlight. I'm excited to save on our electric bill as the master bedroom is hotter than the face of the sun and we ran the a/c nearly all day while she was napping. Her room is so nice and cool even without the a/c!
The absolute perfect place for a changing station. I throw the disposable diapers into the trashcan in the bathroom, and throw the cloth diapers into the pail beside the toilet. All without ever having to leave Baby Girl's side :)
And some close ups. One of the flowers on the bumper. Hardest part of making the bumper? The piping. Which this picture doesn't even show really. We were super proud of it though.
Immanuelle Marie Rivers. You all would be amazed at the hot(glue) mess on the back of each of those pink letters. How they turned out so nice on the front is beyond me! Immanuelle is a long name (guess that's my fault!) so it took me awhile to decide how to put her name in the room. And since IKEA doesn't make a 10-slot picture frame, fabric glued around cardboard initials was the winner!
The last piece to create (to date...there's still the matter of the quilt I plan to do). I call it the "Ragged Roses" pillow. I used the scraps leftover from the crib skirt, bumper, and curtains to make the roses. I even sewed a zipper! Oooooo! I think it turned out great!
And of course. The Pièce de résistance. Definitely the object I helped make that I am most proud of!
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janice said...

LOVE IT!! Counting down the months until I get some little princess sugar!!

Aunt Heather said...

Love it so much!! Especially the last picture!! Her sock is off and that is exactly how I would find all of my children in their cribs after nap....happy and one socked:)

Beautiful job, sis!

Brandon and April said...

it's so perfect! all of it...and the best part of it is that you did it all! i'm impressed with the evenness of the polka-dots!!

Emily said...

Amazing!! I adore the pillow! I figured you bought all the stuff until you started detailing what you did YOURSELF!

marylou said...

sharon you absolutely amaze me with how creative and talented you are! and like your mom seeing that last pic of lil immanuelle makes me want to pic her up and give her grandma lovin (that and the one sock on and one sock off)!

Heather Diaz said...

Hey, I am working on a project for our great room- I was wondering what you used to make the letters? I'm doing a giant D and using a frame I already have. I needs to be thin, not bulky or thick.