November 15, 2011

Grandma is Here!

All the Grandparents have now met Immanuelle and the boys are probably even more confused about how far "Florida" is away... seeing as how grandparents show up quite often around here! It's way awesome to get to see them and we think they understand our life better because they've seen, tasted, smelled, touched, and heard the place we call home.  Their visits work double-time though in helping them connect with our world here and us (especially the kids!) to remain close and shorten the distance between "home here" and "home there."

3 Generations of Rivers girls at the nail salon. Just as it should be!
Eating Italian (for her birthday!)
Eating Japanese (sushi)
Eating Malaysian (Free! At a wedding!)
Eating Chinese (??? Not rice or dim sum, oh no, we had fresh-baked coconut buns!)
Hindu temple...
These girls were like bridesmaids at a wedding. Except we can't figure out their outfits, which are like nothing we've ever seen before here. We think the bride may have chosen these just to make her wedding stand out in some way. Or she's a big fan of "Aladdin."
Days like today and pictures like this make me want a dozen more kids! (then I get over it;)
Their eyes are why this one made it to this post. My handsome guys!
Baby girl not a huge fan of the water (though she was crying before, so I think it was actually how bright the sun was...and how hot!)
Love love love this one!


Aunt Heather said...

Love the pics! And Shadens, you look ba-BAM! in that blue shirt. Seriously. Beautiful!!
Love you guys. Hope the Aunts, Uncles and cousins get to visit, too!!

Andrea Shef said...

Fun post!!! :) I was totally looking at the picture of the boy's eyes in that one picture and then I read your caption :) haha!