October 10, 2011

"Hello Due Date. We meet again."

I've been here before. 40 weeks pregnant. It happens. Really. Sometimes more than once. Like with me.

So here's what we did this week instead of taking pictures of our daughter...who isn't born yet.

What would week 39 be without a trip to the hospital for false labor? 2 minutes apart for several hours? Yep! Actually in labor? Nope! The next day they were 1-1.5 minutes long each (that's long) for over 12 hours. Actually in labor? Nope! I'll be back there some day. Some day.

Embracing the last days with just ours boys. Sometimes afternoon thunderstorms require snuggles. (We are at a guesthouse of sorts in the capital...waiting for the 3rd Rivers child)

My (Sharon) parents are here! My mom's feet are there on the left :) Pedicure complete with girly colors and nail-art-designs. Check!
Evening walk to McDonald's for ice cream.
Kaylee's, Isaiah's and my parents' first trip to the Batu Caves. Eat your heart out Nebuchadnezzar.
Wanna get stared at a whole lot? Be really big pregnant and climb 272 stairs. Wanna get labor started? Apparently it's not by climbing up and down 272 stairs.
Kaylee at the top.  She's mostly glad there aren't as many monkeys as we told her there would be.
There are man-made shrines inside, but how can that compare to the beauty the Creator of the caves gave them? No comparison!
...and back down again.
There technically was one photo taken of i3 today. Can you see her face? No worries if you can't...she really will be here soon.  Right??


marylou said...

I see her face...how adorable!!! Hopefully you will have her in your arms soon, soon, soon! Hugs and kisses to all!!!!

Emily said...

I can't believe all those stairs didn't work!! That got my labor started both times! (that and the song that apparently isn't working for you, either) Anxiously awaiting the news!

Michelle said...

Can't wait! Hope she gets here faster than Isaac did!
Love you guys!

Brandon and April said...

ha! I was totally joking about the stairs in my email to you...and lo and behold, you ARE climbing stairs! Can't believe they haven't worked! well, she'll be here soon enough! so fun to see your parents in the pictures again! so glad they are there!!!

Jason and Charity Palmer said...

she's coming, friend! hang in there! pr*ying daily! can't wait to hear the great news!

Julia said...

The cool thing about this post is that I could identify you three by your feet! Haha! That's sad...we are way to close;)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

yay! i love your jumping picture :-) those are the best!
great pics!