July 06, 2011

Bali: Part Two

...the rest of my parents' trip here was a lot of fun. We went to conference for a few days so didn't get many pictures of the last few days in Bali (though one of the buildings at the resort burnt down while we were there! Wish I had a picture of that! No one was injured and it wasn't guestrooms that burnt.) 

When we got home my parents got to hang out with our neighbors and co-workers some.  We went to "U-turn Satay" and "Cheeslicious" the same night. My mom made the comment that those two eating establishments display and help define the wonderful range of life here. Easily accessible yummy cheap traditional local food and easily accessible non-native western 'delicacy' food. I think in one night we might have established a tradition! Satay and cheesecake!

Enjoy the rest of the pics!
I know it's tough to find good employees, but I'm fairly sure it wouldn't be hard to find one that wasn't THIS obvious in their slacking off.  No joke, she woke up because some monkeys in the tree above her shook the branch and the rain water on the leaves of the tree splashed her.
We got to see monkeys before entering the Monkey Forest Temple (Bali is majority Hindu). And they were all macaques anyway, but fun nonetheless (basically like the monkey version of feral cats in Southeast Asia. We have some that live in the trees by an intersection near our neighborhood)
There were stone statues all over the temple grounds.
At one point a guy rang a bell somewhere to call all the monkeys to come eat. This is them running back down the stairs (and past my mom, Anthony, and the boys) to where ever.

You have to keep all valuables secured so the monkeys won't take them.

This video is hilarious. My dad laughing adds most of the humor:)

Back at the hotel a Balinese dancer (and her niece) were dancing.
Father's Day!
Bubba Gump's for Father's Day!
And you think YOU spent a lot on your dad for Father's Day?!
putting flowers in the sand at the hotel...
Love this kid!
....the drive home from the airport. It took 3.5 hours, but thankfully it was supposed to take that long and it wasn't spent pushing a car through immigration! Made for a much more chilled environment ;)
Satay with our neighbors. They've lived in this city longer and know more fun local places.
...some of the best beef satay ever!
it's hard to read from all the grease dripping down, but the sign says "U-turn" satay. I'll give you one try to guess how you get there.
...it's right off a U-turn on a highway. Quite the harrowing experience getting to it!
Ending the night at the cheesecake place. I promise Isaiah wasn't the only one excited about it;)  Airconditioned, next to a multi-level mall. So different from U-turn satay and yet still a normal sight here. I had Snickers-licious Cheesecake. I'd recommend it!
We are so glad my parents got to come and stay for so long.  Two grandparents having jobs that allow them to have time off like that (a Teacher and a Family owned Farm) isn't the norm and we're glad they want to come spend it with us!


Elizabeth said...

Your dad = hysterical.

And the picture of the receipt is quite amusing. Czech crowns are 17 to 1 USD so we're often amused by ours too, but the exchange rate you were working from must be insane! :)

Anthony & Sharon said...

Indonesia's exchange rate is over 9,000 to 1. We still spent a lot on dinner (western prices plus import prices!)...it's fun to see the receipts!

Brandon and April said...

2 things:
1. Zay is FAST!! Seriously impressed with his speed!

2. And I'm pretty sure Eden wants to adopt your dad as her third granddad now. She wants to watch the video over and over and in the picture below is concerned "why Granddad is sleeping in the bathroom!"
CUTE video!!

Glen said...

We love macaws. :) So glad you got home from Bali refreshed and excited for your work, and that your folks got to connect with their (very cute!) grandkids. I can't believe how grown up Zay looks all of a sudden! We are hoping for our first grandparent visit in October or December - yay!! (Bethany)

roger and courtney said...

Hated the monkey forest the first time, loved it the second time. I always love Ubud and Bali and Bubba Gumps!
Don't you love the crazy Rupiah? Asher cost us 28 million rupiah when he was born.

jdk0103 said...

Glad to see that your family got to come visit you guys and go to Bali. How fun!!! Love the video, that was hilarious - poor Isaiah ;)