April 06, 2011

Cell Phone Pictures

This past weekend I finally dumped my cell phone pictures onto my computer.   Here are a few jems:

We saw this game while we were in Singapore, and the English is absolutely awesome.  In case you can't read it, here's what it says:

Invetsmts havn ' t the risk,Quickly allies!

Throw the once basic coin please.

Game is explained:Throw into once basic game beginning,small looable eight mice the reasonis in snccession slow hide in naughty qinck complging with out in the hole.game person is prompt to hit the reaction abilitg ciming to jndge you rates a bit since the general mouse returning to a hde.

You knock me knocking everybody knock.

Let you knock out good state of mind.


I have a sneaking suspicion that this game isn't Disney approved, although it might be Qisnep approved.

Below is a sign we saw inside an elevator:

Not "if," but "when." Is the company expecting this thing to break down?  "Let's be honest, sir.  You WILL get trapped in this elevator, and when that happens stay calm."

So that's what my beans and vegetables have been missing... ice cream:

So for some reason, "concept restaurants" are becoming a big thing on our island.  I've seen some that look like the inside of a Chinese coffee house and one that looks like a hospital (complete with nurse waitresses), but this one takes the (urinal) cake:

On the plus side, you don't have to figure out where the bathroom is.


Morgan said...

Ha! I think I know where they got the idea for the urinal restaurant--from Modern Toilet Restaurant here in Taiwan. :) Awesome! Yours looks much nicer and cleaner, though--the one I went to here in Taipei (they are all over Asia now, but started here) was pretty grungy-looking. Definitely added to the gross-out factor, and we were totally unable to eat our food!

We have lots of concept restaurants too--we also have a hospital restaurant, a dinosaur restaurant, a jet-plane restaurant, a Hello Kitty restaurant, and lots of others. It's weird!

Fun post!

Jason and Charity Palmer said...

Wow!!! I seriously thought we had seen some funny things, but I have to say...YOU WIN! Those are super interesting pics....lol. If we ever come visit, I demand a visit to the toilet bowl restaurant :)

Hope you're doing well!

Oh and here we have large supermarkets (called Tesco) and then smaller groceries/markets...as well as fresh air markets. Not bad at all!

roger and courtney said...

A-maz-ing. All of it. The bean dessert junk is super popular here. The teachers at Ashers school freaked out when I told them he was allergic to beans (I meant to say nuts) because they thought he couldn't have the bean dessert.

Brandon and April said...

ummmmm I'm pretty sure Qisnep would heartily approve all of these!!
The T-Bowl...that's just too much! They could have gone with a simple Bowling theme, you know, everyone has to wear ugly bowling shoes and eat their food off a bowling ball plate or something. Anything makes more sense than the toilets! :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh. My. Word. That restaurant is unbelievable. I'm pretty sure I could never eat there. I'm also pretty sure I would never choose to eat a Corny bean dessert. And from KFC too?!? This morning we were hiking with American friends and talking about odd food things like this. Shannon mentioned seeing an ad for bacon ice cream at Denny's when we were in the States and wondering if it was legit. Just last night, he bought Baked Chicken chips at Tesco. Bacon chips are quite popular here in Prague, but neither of us had seen or tried the Baked Chicken ones. :)

Aren't cell phone pics (particularly of life in another country) just the best? We could write a book based on some of the things we've seen and photographed. So glad your shared yours!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

hahahaha! That is awesome :) I love posts like this :)

Emily said...

I tried to get James to eat the Corn Sundae at the Thailand KFC, but he refused! Even he has limits. :)
That toilet restaurant...oh man, that's just gross! Concept Restaurants sound so odd, but that's coming from North America.