January 11, 2011

Sunday Night Market

Most towns here have a once (or twice!) a week night market. In larger cities, the various sections of the city will have night markets. They are the best place to buy yummy grilled meat, fried food, sweet treats called "kuih"("kway"), and various assorted items like belts, small toys, knock-off shirts, and shoes. The one in our town is on Sunday and there is also another on Wednesday just across the road.  They just take up part of a street and set up tents, grills, tables, umbrellas, and all the items they've brought to sell. People show up in droves. It's the place to be when it's night market night.

We went this past Sunday so I wouldn't have to cook we could participate in the local scene.  We arrived when it first started, but it stays open late into the night.

Isaac has been to markets similar to this before, but it was the first he could remember. This was Isaiah's first one period. 
Here they are sharing a lime drink we bought for 30 cents. Shortly after this while walking to the car, Isaac dropped the whole cup.  Even though we're not usually so indulgent, we decided to splurge and to spring for another 30 cent drink. (it was a good drink!)
While Zay and I were waiting in the car for Daddy and Isaac to get the replacement drink, we couldn't resist eating our "sri muka" and "pandan balls."  The sri muka is pictured above, but Isaiah ate the pandan balls before I could take a picture. Pandan is a sweet green substance (from a plant) that about 50% of desserts are made out of here. It could have it's own blogpost.

Food enough for 4, the desserts already eaten, a couple pomegranates just to try them, and one spilled drink included. Total cost, about $4. I heart night markets!


Emily said...

I love them too! Are the sweets the ones that are similar to those coconutty colorful ones that you can buy in the Chiang Mai night market? I LOVE those candies!! You make me miss Asia with every post. No fair!!

Brandon and April said...

the picture of them sharing the drink...OH! I love it!!
Can't wait to squeeze those boys someday! And have my own lime drink!

Cara said...

Awww...they're using their placemats from Aunt Gigi!!! That just blesses my heart!

Elizabeth said...

I would LOVE to try the different foods you talked about here... ad eating for $4 is unbelievable. At those prices, who wouldn't heart night markets?