December 30, 2010

What is it?

Answer coming soon. You know where to comment in the meantime.


Cara said...

Obviously NOT a cow patty, but I'm going with some form of excrement. Goat perhaps??
Second guess: some type of insect nest like a dirt dobber's...??

Steve said...

Looks to me like someone hasn't learned to use that oven yet! Is this meatloaf?

marylou said...

i'm with cara on this...and it looks like it got stepped in (yuck)! definitely something big!

Craig and Angie said...

Some sort of poo that has been stepped in.

Brandon and April said...

yeah...I'm with Steve.
here's what I think happened.
You decided to finally break in your newly acquired oven. I mean, you inherited it from an Asian after all, who notoriously don't bake well. (at least not the ones we're acquainted with) And you got your meatloaf all ready to go in the oven, pop that bad boy open, and wah-lah... a burned to the crisp loaf of what formerly could have been identified as French Bread.
It's sad really. Asians could be great bakers I think.


I got nothing as a second guess.

On the edge of my seat for the answer!

Kim said...

I need a size comparison before I can comment on what it is. Right now it could be anything from volcanic rock to Zay's first poop out of the diaper!

Kaylee said...

It doesn't appear to be poop because it is somewhat looks like a seriously molded loaf of bread, or wet charcoal, but I doubt it. So I'm gonna guess maybe some type of burnt food?

Jason and Charity Palmer said...

I'm going to say that's gotta be some kind of excrement?? yummm....haha..ew.

I used a Nikon's amazing. It's an amateur camera, but so super easy to use. Let me know if you want to know more!

Hope you guys are doing well...I love reading your blog! Know we're thinking of you guys!