March 12, 2010

Birthday Packages from Ourselves

Some of you (if there are any of you out there left) may have realized that we don't post as much these days. There are four reasons why...well, really five...
1. Isaac- 2 years
2. Isaiah- 6 months
3. Weston- 3 yrs
4. Cohen- 7 months
5. We live in the US now.

I watch my friend Kim's boys everyday. So any break I get is usually spent catching up on cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry or just taking a nap. I DO get all four boys down each day at some point during the day when they're all asleep...which, as an just an aside, has given me confidence that our hopes/plans to have 3 to 4 kids isn't going to kill me and that I actually enjoy it.

Anyway...on to the post. While living overseas getting a care package in the mail had the power to lift us out of culture shock and make us feel so loved. While it may not carry quite the punch that it does overseas, the past week or so has unexpectedly brought fun anticipation in waiting for the mail. We used birthday money to buy some things online that we were needing. And not that you all care what we got, I'm still gonna tell you!

First package to arrive...My husbands new guitar toy. Some sort of pedal/amp/effects thing for his electric guitar. I have no clue what it really does, but he was really excited about. Also, no picture of it.

Second package...JCrew. I went shopping online and actually picked the right size in the very reduced price capri pants I bought. And as you can clearly see, I got new clothes without even having to do my hair or makeup.

Package #3- Gap and Old Navy- It was like the mall came to my house and gave me free clothes. And once again, I picked all the right sizes!! (clothes are kinda in the next picture)

Package # 3 and #4 that came on the same day... Babies R' Us... a new car seat (that matches Isaac's...woohoo for matching carseats!) for Isaiah as he was bursting out of his carrier. And a couple of other things like a booster seat for the table for Isaac and a "piddle pad" for Isaac's car seat. We're gonna get serious about potty training in the next couple of weeks, so we figure that'll come in handy! And cup holders for our stroller (the only thing it doesn't have).
The last one was fun and free. A radio player for our iPod. We got it from the rewards points from our credit card. The cover of it comes up like something on Star Wars. Very cool.
So I realize that there's no one out there relieved to see this post to see that the package they sent us actually made it across the ocean and into our hands. But it was fun for us nonetheless! Yay for mail!


Brandon and April said...

yay for mail! regardless of how far its traveling!
no lie, we ordered that exact same booster today. only we opted for the orange one. seems we like the same stuff when it comes to our kiddo's butts. :) cloth diapers, strollers, boosters, what's next?

Cara said...

Even though I get to talk to my Beefa WAY more often, I still check the ole Blog to see new pics and stuff!

Anthony and Sharon said...

April- I can show you which Mickey shirt to buy at Disney so the boys can all match and well, our grandchildren will have the same birthdays because they'll be the same kids, so that'll be something too.

Cara- Depending on who I'm talking to about my blog I'll either refer to you as my BFF (if I want to pull on their heart strings to get them to read my blog) or call you a doctor (if I hope to impress them by the company I keep) :) Either way, thanks for commenting! (and if from now on you could please sign in as "Dr. Cara" that would really help the believability of it all, thanks)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Awesome :) How fun! That piddle pad sounds great! Didn't know they existed! Wish we had one when we were potty training! Awesome!

Craig and Angie said...

Glad to hear from you guys again! Have missed your blog posts. Love ya all!

Emily said...

I'm impressed that you are enjoying having 4 at once. When I was watching my brothers' kids, I became even more convinced that I DON'T want anymore kids! (unless surprised, of course)