November 18, 2009

Our Little Werewolf

In honor of the release of New Moon this week, I wanted to tell you all about a quirky thing we've figured out about Isaac.
He's a Werewolf.

For those of you who have read "Twilight," I hope you'll think this is cute.
For those of you who haven't read it, I'm sorry you won't get this.
For those of you who hate that I'm even bringing this up, get over it.
I completely enjoyed reading the series! (Though I don't have tickets for the movie. Yet.)

Isaac is grumpy in the morning. He's just like me (Sharon). No one can talk to him before breakfast without him whining.
Except for one person.

Every morning one of us goes in and gets Isaac from his room.
Usually its Anthony.
But we've noticed whoever is the first one to pick him up,
he imprints on.
The world, until breakfast is over, revolves around that person. No one else is important.
Only that person will do to hold him, talk to him, feed him, touch him, or even look at him.

This morning I went in to his room because he woke up a little early and laid down with him.
A little while later when Anthony came in to get him for breakfast, he screamed and cried and only wanted Mama.

I was the center of his universe before breakfast this morning (which we feed him immediately upon him waking up, so that time period was about 10 minutes...but still)

And, as annoying as it is for everyone else, if you're the one he's imprinted on, it's a pretty good feeling! We love our little Werewolf!

And because no post is complete without pictures, here's Isaac and his best friend (who he's attached to for the rest of the day)
The last two mornings I've gotten pictures of this, but anytime Isaiah is accessible to Isaac, he will be near him. In the morning I usually put him under his rings and Isaac just lays there with him.
The other is just to show off the more successful moments of my mothering career:
Two boys. Simultaneous naps!


Aunt Gigi said...

<3 this post!!! So stinkin adorable.

Lydia Diaz said...

Both boys napping at the same time?! Sharon you are amazing <3