June 05, 2008

Got Gas?

So yesterday the Prime Minister informed the nation that the government was lifting the "Petrol" subsidy at midnight. That meant the price of gas would now be at "market" prices. People waited in super long lines to try and get one last tank of gas before the price hike. Here are a couple pictures of some gas stations... these are "out of town" so imagine double or triple the number of cars for the pumps in the city. It was crazy! I can't imagine what it'd be like if the American gov't changed a policy that fast on the American people... there would be riots for sure! Not surprisingly, there have been several protests today around the country. We also learned that our electric costs would be going up 18% because the electric company also loses the subsidy for the gas they use at power stations. Craziness!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

whoa! That's crazy!

Cara said...

OHH Gasoline!...I was about to say - if this post was about bodily functions, that would be WAY too much information!! I mean, we love you guys and want to know about what you guys are up to, but not ALL of it...haha