March 26, 2008

Breakfast with the locals...

On Grandma's last morning here, Abang and Kakak had us over for "Nasi Lemak." (NAH-see Luh-mahk) That means "Fat rice."
I'm sure it falls within the Surgeon General's healthy foods guidelines.
There's no getting around eating nasi lemak for breakfast either. Usually it's sold in little stands on the side of the road for RM1 (about 33cents) and folded up in a banana leaf. Kakak made it just for our Mom. It's white rice, cucumber slices, an egg (either fried, or hard boiled), peanuts, little dried fish, and sambal. Sambal is to the locals as ketchup is to us. It's a spicy concoction of... well, I'm not sure...just some spicy red stuff and they eat it with nasi lemak (and lots of other stuff). We're sitting at a table and we used a fork and spoon to eat, but usually you're on the floor and eat it with your hands:) Sometimes you can pay for the Rm2 version of nasi lemak and it comes with chicken. Kakak made us her amazing friend chicken. It's so good (you can see Grandma eyeing it!)

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

Fried Chicken for breakfast? haha!! It's every southerner's dream! haha! How fun! Sounds yummy :)