June 08, 2006

"Shot through the heart, and you're to blame..."

One of the hidden joys of international living is getting vaccinated. For those of you keeping score at home, Sharon and I have to get 11 shots... each... and several more once we get overseas. Today was round one, consisting of 4 shots a piece.

Sharon being a good girl.

Sharon showing off her battle wounds.

Anthony not being a good boy.

Anthony showing off his battle wounds.


Sharon said...

Anthony's "Hotwheels" and "Wolverine" bandaids help disguise the fact that there is no color on the upper part of his arm.

Four4Him said...

Anthony, since when did they start giving shots in the eyeball? You are da man! Love those bandaids. I'm jealous, I did't get to choose my bandaids. - Todd

Jimmy said...

if that is the battle wounds from shot day how did u look after S training!